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Natural Pet Products, the manufacturer, has been in business since 1986.   Serving happy customers whose numbers just keep growing and growing! 

Flea Free Food Supplement is an amazing product that works! 

All the products offered are all natural.  

No Chemicals! 

Recently, there has been a misconception that garlic can harm your pet.  In all the years Flea Free has been on the market, never has it made a pet ill.  Please refer to the HOW IT WORKS tab on the navigation menu on the top for more information. 

For about $6.50 a month or less, you can have natural healthy protection from all sorts of parasites
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 Why not use the normal Flea & Tick "medications"?

We believe that the flea and tick "medications" that most of us have used for years is not safe for pets or for people, and why, well that's simple, because of the ingredients. Most of these "medications" contain pesticides or insecticides or other often toxic chemicals. These ingredients are often so dangerous that the packaging and instructions tell us to wear gloves when handling, or to call 911 if we ingest! Even worse than this many of these "medications" are tested on animals. These "medications" are often applied on to the neck of the dog or cat, right under the brain, which is where these chemicals end up, in the brain of the animal. They say that this is safe and only a small percentage of the chemical is ingested through the animal's skin, however, anyone who has more than one dog will tell you that the other dog will often lick the "medications" off the other dog, therefore ingesting a massive percentage of the chemicals, We can only wonder how bad that must be.

We are not vets, scientists or dieticians. Any opinion that we give is just that, an opinion, we recommend that you do your own research about pet "medications". Even the EPA is worried about these "medications". In an Official Advisory released in 2009 the EPA said: "The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is intensifying its evaluation of spot-on pesticide products for flea and tick control due to recent increases in the number of reported adverse reactions in pets treated with these products. Adverse reactions reported range from mild effects such as skin irritation to more serious effects such as seizures and, in some cases, death of the pet." (Source United States Environmental Protection Agency, see: http://www.epa.gov/opp00001/health/flea-tick-control.html )

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Ask yourself...

Would I put chemicals or poisons on myself or my children? .....

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...Then why

Put them on our pet family?

No fleas, ticks, mites on pet family

All for just pennies a day ...

Please give us a try and let this be the last month of chemical/poison treatment for your loved ones!

Hear what Cathy had to say about FLEA FREE to The Whole Cat Journal:

"I have been meaning to write for some time about your article on flea preparations. As with all of your product research, I was grateful for your efforts.  But, I wanted to tell you about FLEA FREE, which I know (with three cats, two of whom go in and out freely in dry Southern California) works better than anything you tested.  I am not particulary surprised that you don't know about it, because the label looks as if it's a  photocopied, and the folks who make it are small, home people who haven't made it big in the marketing world.  FLEA FREE's ingredients, according to the label, are vinegar, garlic, citrus and herbs.  An animal behaviorist I know swore by it over and over, and I thought she was exaggerating.  But, since I've started using the product (well over a year), I haven't found a single flea on any of my three cats-not one! (I fleacomb daily just to be sure).  I give my two larger cats eight drops daily with their meal, my smaller cat four drops.  They apparently love the taste because when I first put it in they ate with extra gusto.  The product is also very inexpensive". -Cathy Albanese, Santa Barbara, California

 As published in The Whole Cat Journal, December 2000 issue, p. 22

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Flea Free! 

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